Thursday, June 9, 2011

Parallel 45...Tualatin's Hidden Treasure

Who doesn't love finding hidden treasures?  The panther just recently found a hidden gem in, (gasp), the suburbs! 

While on appointments one afternoon, in Tualatin, the panther stumbled upon Parallel 45, a charming and lively wine bar nestled on Hayden Lake.

Tualatin's Hayden Lake

This welcoming little place caught the panther's eye as she strolled along the banks of the little lake.  We took the panther's advice and visited this place for ourselves.

A charming brick facade and patio with iron tables and potted plants beckoned us to come inside.  Walking through the front door, we were pleasantly greeted by the sound of laughter and clinking glasses, and wonderful smells from the kitchen.  Cozy booths line one wall and the other side is a full length bar.  The warm, coppery, rich colors were inviting and comfortable.  Toward the back, long tall wine storage cabinets full of beautiful bottles line the walls.

We found a seat at the bar and were immediately welcomed by the friendly bartender.  We perused the extensive wine menu, deciding on a Prosecco.  It was perfectly chilled and lovely.  We sipped and looked around in disbelief.  How did we never know about this place?  It was bustling and cheerful but cozy at the same time.  We ogled the food menu and excitedly ordered the Rogue & Honey Plate, and the special of the day, Pan-fried oyster sliders.
As we sipped our Prosecco and waited for our appetizers, Steve Sweeney, the bar's owner came over to check on us.  We told him this was our first visit to his lovely establishment.  We learned that he opened the bar about seven years ago!  As we visited with Steve, we mentioned that we had ordered some apps but probably wanted one more item but couldn't decide.  He said he'd pick out something for us and went back to the kitchen.  He returned shortly with our cheese plate, our sliders, and a plate of seared scallops on top of a beautiful prosciutto and mint salad with a melon-lemon vinaigrette.  Everything looked and smelled so lovely and we couldn't wait to dig in.  We were not disappointed as everything tasted as wonderful as it looked!  Compliments to Chef Joe White!

The Rogue & Honey Plate
A healthy chunk of bleu cheese served with toasted hazelnuts, sliced apple,
honeycomb, and flat-bread crackers

Special of the Day:  Pan-Fried Oyster Sliders with potato chips

Owner's Choice:  Pan-Seared Scallops on top of salad

Parallel 45 truly is a gem and we are so excited to have discovered it.  With summer on the way it is the perfect place to go and sit out on the patio.  The food and drink are fabulous, the staff is amazing and the atmosphere is fun and inviting.

Parallel 45 is located at: 8294 SW Nyberg St.  Tualatin, OR  97062

Look them up on the web at:

Stop by Parallel 45 and tell them the Panther sent you!
-The Panther

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